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    Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 04:04 PM  posted by Administrator

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    Millennial Health Systems Pain Therapy Laser

    Thursday, April 19, 2012 @ 05:04 PM  posted by Administrator

    Aches and pains are something all of us will face from time to time as we work our way through life. For many the answer to these aches and pains has been illusive and they have had to resort to daily doses of over the counter pain relievers or worse. Sadly this approach does little to address the source of the pain and only give temporary relief that must be repeated and repeated. Do we have good news for you.

    Many of our clients tell us that for the first time in years they have now found relief and in many cases long-term relief from using our MHS Pain Therapy Laser. Whether it be back pain, knees, ankles, migraines, sore muscles, sports injuries, etc, our focused light therapy relieves pain in 95% of our customers. How can focused light do such a thorough job in addressing pain? Without getting too technical let me explain.

    Pain comes from wide variety of sources. In the most common source, injuries cause inflammation that put pressure on nerves. When nerves are inflamed or pinched due to muscle tightness, the pain can be severe. Through the use of focused light therapy (lasers) light receptors in various tissues are stimulated to be more active. As focused light penetrates deep into these tissues it increases mitochondrial ATP systhesis which decreases inflammation. When inflammation decreases the pressure in tissues diminishes and reduces the pain level in those tissues. This process also stimulates increased Ca2+ ion presence and beneficial oxygen species (ROS) production. All that means is the healing process is stimulated and the damaged area heals faster with less pain.

    This process is known as photo bio-stimulation. Many good things accompany this therapy. When stimulated by our proprietary process, the right wave length of light will cause improved vascular and enzymatic activity. Collagen, which is one of the building blocks of the body, is produced and synthesized properly by the body. Damage skeletal, connective and neurological tissues and structures respond with enhanced healing. Edema reduction is also a common result of focused light therapy.

    In short, photo bio-stimulation encourages the healing process on many levels at the same time. The result is rapid pain reduction and decreased healing time. All these factors lead to a much more pleasant recovery from a wide variety of injuries and other sources of aches and pains. Typically in 6 to 12 sessions gives remarkable relief to our customers.

    While MHS can make no specific claims as to results, many who have experienced the pain relief for themselves and have allowed us to share their stories with you in our testimony section. Do you have pains that require daily medication? Do you have a nagging sports injury that is keeping you from enjoying your activities? Call us and see for yourself what this little light of mine can do.