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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    Theralumin Immune Laser Systems

    Q How does the Immune Laser Work?

    The Immune Laser emits low level laser light in frequencies that are designed to interrupt the reproductive cycle of harmful viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold and yeast.  Once these harmful elements have been rendered ineffective and are filtered from the blood naturally, the blood is left in a much cleaner and more healthy state.  Now as this cleaner blood passes through the body, it is more capable of performing its natural cleansing and healing process.  Healthy blood means healthy body.  Our customers tell us that once their immune system is healthy, many of their immune deficiency diseases tend to improve dramatically.

    Q What makes the Immune Laser different from other lasers?

    While there are a growing number of laser applications in the health care community, we are unaware of any that deliver these specific frequencies in a sublingual manner.  Sublingual application allows for better access to the blood supply in a non-invasive manner.

    Q What should I expect when I begin using the Immune Laser?

    Our customers tell us that the initial detoxification process presents symptoms very similar to the flu.  They speak of a runny nose, post nasal drip, a slight headache, general achiness and similar experiences.  These are symptoms of general detoxification.  In most cases these symptoms last from 1 to 4 days.  Once the detoxification process runs its natural course we are told by our customers that their general health and well being improve quickly and that their physical endurance is better than it has been in year.  Be prepared.  For most people there will be a detoxification response.

    Q How often should I use the Immune Laser?

    For the first month most of our customers use the laser for one 15 minute session per day.  This allows the detoxification process to pass.  After that you should have a good idea of how ofter you will need to use the laser to optimize your immune system.  We recommend that you never use the system more than four times per day.

    Q Do I have to wait after eating to use the Immune Laser?

    We have had no reports of any negative reactions to using the laser after eating.

    Q Can I use it too often?

    In the first two weeks of use if you decide to use the laser more that once per day you may experience the results of rapid detoxification.  This could result in discomfort in the kidneys and headaches due to the body trying to deal with eliminating the materials from the blood that have been targeted.

    Q Will the Immune Laser cancel out my pharmaceuticals?

    We have no evidence that there is any negative effect on pharmaceuticals.

    Q What benefits are people seeing when they use the Immune Laser?

    After the initial detoxification process, our customers tell use that they have more energy and endurance.  In addition they tell us of a wide variety of benefits with regard to improved health and diminished symptoms in a wide variety of diseases.  Please refer to the testimonials to see what out customers report.

    Q Is there a warranty with the Immune Laser?

    The laser comes with a 1 year warranty for manufacturer defects.  The warranty does not include negligent damage to the device or broken light pipes.

    Q What do I do if I break one of the light pipes in the mouthpiece?

    We have an exchange program.  For a $65.00 fee you can exchange your broken mouthpiece for a new one.

    Q How does the laser increase endurance?

    Once the blood is cleared of the unwanted debris, the red blood cells have more surface area available to carry oxygen throughout the body.  This increase in oxygen availability throughout the body transulates to greater physical endurance.

    Q How does one machine effect so many different health issues?

    The body is an amazing machine.  Ehen it is allowed to do its job as it was created to do, health is a natural by-product.  The simple answer is when the blood is clean, the immune system works as it was designed. Healthy blood and greater oxygen delivery throughout the body result in better health.

    Q Can I share my mouthpiece with family members?

    We urge caution concerning shared mouthpieces.  While most people have good intentions concerning hygiene, it is easy to become complacent when you are using the mouthpiece everyday.  The instructions for cleaning can be found in the product information page, but for safety we strongly recommend that everyone have their own mouthpiece.

    Q What if the light shines in my eyes?

    Please remember that this is not a toy.  It is a laser even though it is low powered.  In no case ever shine the laser directly into the eye.  While the risk is small there is still wisdom in never exposing the eye to direct contact with the light out put from the lightpipes.  Never, never remove the lightpipes and turn the unit on.  It is a low level laser.