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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    MHS Pain Therapy Laser

    Q How does shining a light on a painful part of the body help lessen the pain?

    Generally speaking most pain is caused by inflammation, injury to tissue or injury to support tissue. The specific wave length of light that is delivered by the MHS Pain Therapy Laser was selected to lessen inflammation and stimulate the healing mechanisms in the body. The result is that swelling decreases rapidy and healing increases. The result to the customer is that pain levels usually drop in the first session.

    Q How will I know it is working?

    When the laser is applied to tissue there will be a gentle warming effect as the body absorb the energy. If you experience rapid warming simply tell the therapist to move the beam over the surface of the skin more rapidly. In some cases the injured area absorbs the energy faster than surrounding normal tissue. This helps your therapist know where the injury is located. Talk to you therapist during sessions. Feedback will help you have a better experience.

    Q If I don’t feel the heat is it working?

    In some extreme cases where nerve damage has occurred such as diabetic neuropathy, the customer may not feel the warming effect. Use extreme caution in such cases to not over stimulate the tissue.

    Q Can I use it more than once a day?

    Yes you can use the Pain Therapy more than once a day but it is usually not necessary to achieve the desired result. Blood flow is greatly increased to the area where the laser is used. This increased blood continues for hours after the session is finished. More is not always better. Give the body a chance to respond to the stimulation that laser therapy provides. Usually additional sessions in a day are not helpful.

    Q Can I use it on any part of my body?

    Never use the MHS Pain Therapy Laser around or near the eyes or thyroid gland.

    Q Can it be used on children or pregnant women?

    Children respond favorably to laser sessions. If they are instructed properly there is no cause for concern. Pregnant women can receive sessions as long as there are no applications near the fetus.

    Q Can I use it if I have had an organ transplant?

    The MHS Pain Therapy Laser stimulates the immune system, therefore we strongly recommend that transplant recipients that are on anti-rejection drugs never use the laser.

    Q Are there any side effects to using the laser?

    Other than those mentioned in these questions, the only other effect we have noticed is if too many sessions are given too close together the customer may experience some temporary soreness in the treated area.

    Q How powerful is the laser?

    The MHS Pain Therapy Laser is a Class IV laser that has a 12-watt power source. In the laser world this is very powerful. The MHS Pain Therapy Laser should be handled carefully and treated with caution.

    Q Can anyone use the Pain Therapy Laser?

    The MHS Pain Therapy Laser may only be used by properly trained therapists. MHS regularly conducts certification seminars to assure our equipment is always used in the safest possible environment. If you are interested in being certified please contact our office.

    Q Won’t it hurt me if it is a laser?

    I know everybody still sees James Bond tied to a table that is being cut in half by a laser between his legs. That is not what this is. Our laser is defused to a 24 mm beam to allow application over a larger area with minimal heat build-up. Our laser creates a soothing sensation rather than a painful one. Most people respond that the laser feels “so good” when it is being used.

    Q Is it really necessary to wear the glasses?

    It is absolutely necessary that company approved glasses be worn by everyone in the room where the pain therapy laser is being used. The glasses should be in place before the laser is turned on. Never, never, never aim the laser toward the eyes even while wearing the safety glasses.

    Q Typically how long does it take to see results?

    Of course that depends on what the problem is that is being addressed. We do know from experience that 90% of those receiving therapy tell us that they feel their pain greatly diminish during the first session.