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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    MHS Professional Pain Therapy Laser

    The Millennial Health Systems Professional Pain Therapy Laser is a Class IV device that has FDA clearance. The professional model is a single channel unit that delivers focused light therapy to areas of the body that have experienced injury and are in need of pain relief and enhanced healing. Laser light therapy has many benefits including the reducing of inflammation and APT production in cells. The result of these benefits is pain diminishes rapidly as the tissues respond.

    The unit comes assembled with the exception of attaching the power cord and the foot pedal. Once the unit is plugged in and ready for use turn on the key and the unit will power up and beep to let you know the system is ready to use.






    There are several safety features that will disable the unit if needed.

    1. Lifting your foot from the pedal will stop the unit
    2. Pushing in the black knob on the power panel will disable the unit.
    3. Depressing the red panic knob will disconnect the power.

    All of the options will turn off the power source to the laser.

    The control panels allow for dialing in the appropriate power setting for the areas to be treated. The laser has an upper power output of approximately 12 watts at the aperture. Some other units on the market claim a 12 watt output but they deliver less power at the aperture. When using the device it is important to receive feedback from the customer to avoid over treating an area. Heat will begin to build up as the session progresses and the customer will let you know if it is too hot.

    As the wand is moved over the area needing attention, most customers can immediately feel the light doing its work. In fact, 80% of our customers tell us that they experience significant relief in the very first session.


    Depressing the foot pedal activates the delivery of the focused light to the wand. The power output is from 1 to 12 watts at 980nm. Most sessions are no longer than 10 minutes and require 5 to 10 sessions to achieve a lasting result.


    It is required that everyone in the room where treatments are administered wear appropriate protective eye ware with an optical density of greater than 5 at 980nm.