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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    MHS Professional + Pain Therapy Laser

    The MHS Professional + unit is the same technology as the Professional unit as far as the Class IV application is concerned. The difference with the Professional + unit is that it has two additional Class III output ports that can deliver power to the following devices.


    1. Pad – Which is used for topical therapy over an area with low power application. Typically, this would be used for shoulders, knees or other areas.



    2. Probe – This device is used for smaller areas such as fingers or small aches and pains.



    3. Cavity Probe – When medical professionals need light therapy for ears, vaginal, rectal, or oral application this is the appropriate device.