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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    Class IV Laser


    I had a wreck on August the 25th 2011 and my car was totaled. My doctor told me after an MRI report that the condition with my neck required surgery. I was given an epidural shot on my neck to ease the pain. I started the laser therapy in February till March which was about ten treatments and since then, I have not experienced any pain again.



    I was involved in a serious car accident tore the rotator cuffs in both shoulders.  The pain was severe and was told my only hope of relief was surgery.  Because the accident was not my fault my attorney prepared for a lawsuit to cover my costs.  In desperation to find relief from the pain I had 2 laser treatments on my shoulders.  To my great surprise and relief the pain went away and has not returned.  That was 4 years ago.  I now work in the oil field and lift heavy equipment every day.  STILL NO PAIN!



    I am a contractor and fell off my ladder onto an air conditioning unit.  I fell on my back       and hit the sharp corner of the unit and severely injured my shoulder.  My chiropractor said the internal scaring was severe and may require surgery.  After 5 sessions with the class IV laser all my pain was gone and has not returned.  Months later when I returned to my chiropractor he said my scaring had nearly disappeared.




    I had poor circulation on the lower right leg. Just one session of treatment for fifteen minutes greatly diminished the pain. The relief lasted for two months…




    I fell and injured my lower back and could not easily bend or climb up and down the stairs. For three months I endured excruciating pain. My doctor said my back looked like an eighty year old man. When he studied my x-ray reports he recommended and scheduled me for surgery, one thing that I was scared of. After two sessions of laser treatment I saw that my pain had tremendously diminished. I did a total of seven treatments and found my energy back. I could now sleep well, work without any pain, easily climb up and down the stairs; the pain was gone…



    Several weeks ago a lady came to our office in severe pain.  She is a nurse and a rather large patient had fallen on her.  The pain on her face told me she needed help immediately.  She walked like an old woman.  The most amazing result was seen after just one session.  She shuffled her feet walking into the session and after 15 minutes walked out standing straight.  She said her pain went from a ten to a three.  She had been unable to work for the 2 months since she was injured, but after only two more sessions she is back to work and pain free.

    Laser Therapist



    For the last 20 years I have suffered horribly from migraine headaches about twice a month.  I could tell when I was about to have another one and would find myself in bed for two days waiting and praying for it to be over.  The early warning signs were the sad notification that here comes another one.  One day at my office the familiar warnings began and I decided to tell my employer that I was going to go home and go to bed until it passed.  He suggested that I try a laser session to see if it would help.  I had one 15 minute laser session on my neck and shoulders and went home fully expecting to be in bed for two days like always.  After a short nap I woke up and was shocked that the pain was gone.  This could all be considered a coincidence except for the fact that it has now been 4 month and I have only had one small headache since that one laser session.  What a relief it is.



    Spider Bite

    My grandson was bitten by a brown recluse spider and had a bad reaction.  After a few days the bite was swollen and bright red.  The area was about the size of a softball.  The doctor wanted to start giving him steroid shots.  We decided to try the laser before starting the therapy recommended by the doctor.  He was given one 3 minute session for three days.  At the end of the third day the bite was about the size of a quarter an pink rather than the hot red it was before.  After a few more days and no additional sessions the bite was completely gone.



    I had a spider bite on my lower back and ignored it for the first few days until it became quite large and uncomfortable. I had 4 sessions with the laser which caused it bite to pop and drain until it and became flat and the pain subsided. A few days later it cleared up completely and I have had no further difficulties.




    I had a gum infection which bothered me very much. After three sessions I slept like a baby…



    I had an infection in the arm pit and a toe fungus. I was very pleased with great relief after six treatments…



    General Pain

    I have been using laser for a few months now and I have had good results from it; from my hips to my lungs. My hip is in better shape now and my lungs are getting better, and it’s been only a few months. With the laser and with God, I hope to be a new person in a very short time.



    Bone Graft

    I am a 65 year old woman who is in very good health with dental implant problems.
I recently had surgery on my upper front jaw, just under my nose, for 3 failed implants.  The doctor implanted a portion of my hip bone to this area to compensate for the bone loss. I had very bad nerve pain and the implant seemed slow to heal based on the odor from the area, even though I had completed a course of antibiotics.  I was very sick and was aging very fast.  I received two Class IV deep tissue Laser treatments that stopped the pain and odor and immediately began the healing process.  I also noticed the lines disappearing on my lip line and the collagen or skin thickness reappeared.  I was extremely happy with this form of treatment.




    I am only 40 years old but my knees hurt so bad that my children have to help me up out of my chair. My friend has one of the Class IV lasers and tried to get me to come to his office for a session to see if I could get some relief from the constant pain. Finally after much prodding I went for a session. Wow what a difference. Why did I wait so long The pain is nearly gone after only one session. I would recommend laser therapy to anyone with chronic pain.



    Joe who is sixty eight years old was treated on both knees for eight sessions with the Laser IV. According to him his doctor’s report indicated that the cartilage was completely worn out. He had difficulty walking and would sometimes fall. He also had difficulty climbing up and down the stairs. His doctor wanted him to have surgery which he thought of considering doing. It was at this point that a friend suggested that he tried the laser therapy. After the first laser treatment the pain significantly reduced. Joe could now easily climb up and down the stairs after the fifth treatment. By the Eighth treatment Joe decided not to do the surgery for the Knee replacement because he felt great…

    Laser Therapist



    While working in the yard I stepped backwards onto a hose and severely twisted my ankle. The pain was immediate and swelling followed. The next morning my ankle was so swollen that I could not wear my shoe to work and the area was all colors of black, blue, yellow and green. I was able to have a session on the Class IV laser for 15 minutes. To my great surprise I was able to put my shoe on right after the first session. The next day the discoloration was already nearly gone and after the second session the pain was gone. Only two 15 minute sessions put me back on my feet and back to work.



    After a bad car accident my ankle was so injured my doctor put me in a boot to restrict movement. I wore the boot for weeks and afterwards my ankle was stiff and sore. A year later the pain still caused me to favor that ankle and stiffness was going to require surgery. Out of desperation to avoid the surgery I tried the Class IV laser. After only one session I was able to more my ankle more than I could in months. After two more sessions the pain was gone and I enjoyed free movement of my ankle for the first time since the accident. Thank you. Thank you.