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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    Personal Laser


    After one treatment of fifteen minutes every day for one week I could now bowl without any pain; something I never dreamed of being able to do because of the pain I always had from arthritis…



    For thirty years I suffered from arthritis. Pain had become part of my life that I only had to endure it every day. When a friend told me about laser therapy I wondered how on earth this could help me. To my amazement the pain was eliminated in five days with one treatment of fifteen minutes every day with the laser…




    I had general weakness because I had had frequent malaria infections when I was in Africa. I would suffer from malaria infection sometimes twice in a year which always made me weak when I had them. I used the class III laser in one treatment every day and in ten days I broke down completely, weak and tired unable to do anything. I realized that it was that point in time that I had reached the peak of detoxification. The next day I felt a young man again. And, I have been healthier and stronger than ever…



    Due to stress from work I was always tired and weak. I worked long hours every day and what was more killing was the demand on me to report to several superiors at short intervals. I was stressed out. I started treatment and within eleven days I became healthy and resilient…



    I was always tired and stressed. Using the laser once every day in eight weeks, I found out that I had clear thoughts and renewed energy…



    I have always had trouble walking for long distances without being short of breath. My wife is an avid walker and when we would take walks together I was always trying to stay up with her. After one month of using the Theralumin device for 15 minutes a day she asked me to take a walk with her. To my great surprise and astonishment we walked at a very brisk pace for two miles and I wasn’t even out of breath. We talked the whole way and when we were finished I had trouble believing what had just happened. Two days later we took another walk with the same results. I must admit I am completely astonished at the difference. Thank you for such a simple and effective answer to a life long problem.



    I have suffered declining health for several years. I have more health issues than most. Recently my husband purchased a Theralumen for his health. Since it was here I decided to try it and see if it would help any of my many issues. I have to say there has been a great improvement to my health. The greatest benefit I can attest to is before using the unit I would have to use a wheel chair when we went out to shop or eat dinner. Since using the Theralumen my strength has increased to the point I am no longer dependant on the wheel chair to get around. What a blessing.



    After using the Theralumen for two months I can now snap my fingers with my right hand, which I couldn’t do before. About twenty years ago I began getting up at night to urinate, sometimes as many as 5-6 times per night. Even though antibiotics helped, that was only short lived when I used them. Again about five years ago I found some herbs that helped but I was still getting up about three times per night. For he past 18 days I have been sleeping all night long from 10:30pm till 5:30-6:00am without getting up to urinate and I have not taken the herbs for 3 weeks. The only thing I can attribute this to is the use of the Theralumen. My attitude toward work and my sense of well-being are greatly improved; my energy and stamina is back and I feel like I am 35 years old when in reality I am 64.




    Allergies troubled me. It got to a point that I was fed up with medication. I used the laser for three weeks once every day to have a significant relief…



    For thirty years I suffered from emphazema due to smoking. My lungs had been so much affected that I often had to be on oxygen support and used an inhaler. After six weeks on the laser, I no longer use the oxygen and my inhaler use is cut by over 50%.



    I have had allergies to sugar for over 20 years. After seeing several friends have such great results using the Theralumen I decided to try it to see if I could get any relief from my reactions to sugar. I am pleased to report that after only one week I am now eating ice cream for the first time in years with no bad effects. Now does anyone have a good weight loss product you could recommend?




    I reduced my insulin intake by eighty percent in ten days using the Laser. George.
    I have had diabetes for many years and I also had high blood pressure. I have noticed that my blood pressure has come down 10 points on both sides. I have seen a significant reduction of the sugar level. My endurance level has improved such that I can now walk daily with no weakness.




    I have been a long time sufferer from fibromyalgia. My friend convinced me to try the sublingual therapy just to see if it would help. To my great surprise not only did my general body pain diminish considerably but the very bad scars I had from acne when I was a teenager are now much more smooth. My complexion began to improve after only 5 sessions. Now I get complements on my complexion. Wow I can hardly believe what this little light can do.




    I have had shortness of breath for years and thought I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. I began using the Theralumen and within a few sessions noticed that my breathing was easier and deeper. The shortness of breath I usually experienced with minimal exertion was greatly improved. In fact a friend told me as few days ago on the phone that they could tell something had happened just from my voice. I am thrilled with the improvement.



    Skin Conditions

    I own a wellness center and have customers come into my center regularly to use the Theralumen. While I hear them tell me all kinds of stories about improvements to their general health, I have noticed one common response that is quite encouraging to me as a health practitioner. I hear them tell each other all the time that their skin is glowing and looks healthy. I have to say that I have noticed most people who use that device for a week or more just look healthy. I see a lot of people with health issues and can honestly say that the Theralumen seems to give a rosy, healthy glow to my customers.



    I have been using the Theralumen for several months on a daily basis for general health purposes. While I have seen improvements in my general energy and health, I noticed something I didn’t expect. I have had very dark blotches on my feet for years. They were not painful but I have had loss of feeling in my feet and I always thought that whatever caused one problem caused the other. Recently feeling began to return to my feet and the dark patches are disappearing. I have to tell you that I am so encouraged by this response. Something good must be happening. Nothing else I have tried over the years I have had this problem has worked.



    I am 65 years old and like most people my age I am dealing with the effects of aging on my skin. My face was having areas of discoloration that were not something I wanted to continue. After using the Theralumen for two weeks I saw a marked improvement in my skin. Not only are the discolorations nearly gone but the wrinkles in my face have faded considerably. I this day and age it is a pleasant surprise when you get more than you expect.