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    How It Works

    - Non-Invasive focused light

    - Delivers light energy to the body

    - Strengthens the immune system


    - Increased energy & endurance

    - Better Sleep

    - Boosts your natural immune system

    Spectrabrite Light Therapy Programs

    It is now well known that various light frequencies have many positive benefits to the overall well being when applied in various ways.  NASA discovered that light will help the body heal faster.  Medical uses of UV light for infants with jaundice have been known for years.  UV light is also used regularly in dialysis to keep any unwanted pathogens out of the body.  When humans are deprived of light on a regular basis there are negative effects to a persons emotions.  There is even a name given to this effect-( SAD).

    We have developed a light therapy device to help assist the delivery of specific light frequencies to the body in a beneficial way.  While we can make no specific claims, many of our customers have shared with us their experiences and positive results for using light therapy.
    We have pre-programmed our device with several of the frequencies that have been reported by our customers to have had the best results.  Since the light pads will not be uncomfortably  warm, hold the pad slightly above the area that needs attention or simply lay the pad on the skin.

    • Pain Therapy Tesla – Uses red and blue light frequencies that alternate through a series of pulses that were researched by Tesla.  These have been reported to help relieve pain in muscles and joints.
    • Stress Therapy – Begins with a red that slowly blends to blue and back to red.  The slow change allows for the delivery of all colors from red to blue and back.  This soothing effect has been reported to us as having a relaxing effect on tight muscles.
    • Pain Therapy 528 – This amber color is pulsed at 528 times per second.  Pulsing at this speed is not detectable by the human eye, but this frequency is said to have positive benefits on the healing properties of the body.
    • Wound Care Basic – We named this wound care because many have reported to us that their wounds heal faster with the application of this program.
    • Spectra Schuman –  Schuman did a great deal of research on the positive effects of frequencies on the body.  This program pulses two different Schuman frequencies at 6 different color bands.  This is for those who are looking for a wide variety of light deliveries.
    • Red Basic – Reds have been shown to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.  Red also seems to strengthen the hemoglobin.  Our customers also have told us that bug bites stop itching quickly when the red light is applied.  Skin conditions appear to have a positive response to red.
    • Amber Basic – Our customers report relief from muscle cramps and spasms.
    • Green Basic – Seems to have disinfective and germicidal properties.
    • Aqua Basic – Reports of positive response in skin tone.
    • Blue Basic – Acne is reported to respond well to blue.  There is also a calming effect that has helped some of our customers fall asleep faster.
    • Magenta Basic – Also reports of sleep improvement.  Appears to be a vasodilator (opens up blood vessels) which reduces pain levels.

    Since we can make no claims we encourage you to see what works best for you and let us know in order that we may report your findings to others.